Indigenous engagement

Indigenous communities and their values play an important role within Australia’s mining and resources sector. Our work, directly on country, requires considered and focussed engagement, as well as structured investment to deliver tangible benefits to indigenous stakeholders.

Terra Mining is committed to the development of meaningful opportunities and improvements in the quality of life for Australia’s indigenous peoples and traditional owners. Our core values of respect and understanding drive our approach to indigenous engagement and the development of our indigenous awareness programmes for staff, partners and contractors.

We measure the success of our engagement through the development of lasting partnerships that deliver benefits and through the increase in the awareness of indigenous culture at every level of our operations. Our procurement policies weight to make allowance for indigenous partners within our supply chain. Our labour policies accommodate requirements for indigenous apprenticeships and placements in excess of any relevant local content requirement.

Terra Mining is dedicated to making a meaningful difference that improves understanding, pays respect, promotes employment, education and training opportunities and yields improved outcomes for Australia’s indigenous peoples and traditional owners – both today and into our shared future.