Terra Mining welcomes Mr Long Dingbin, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China

Terra Mining was pleased to recently host Mr Long Dingbin, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, to observe its mining operations on-site in Kalgoorlie.

Mr Long Dingbin was provided with a tour of Terra’s ongoing works at Norton Goldfields Porphyry Gold Mine, using the time to speak with staff and management representatives throughout his stay. The visit is understood to be the first of its kind by a Consul-General from the People’s Republic of China in Perth.

“We were honoured that Mr Long Dingbin took the opportunity to visit our operations in Kalgoorlie. He showed a keen interest in the scale, complexity and intricacy of the team’s work – and was also gracious and generous in spending some quality time with our staff on-site,” said Barry Cook, Terra Mining’s Chief Operations Officer.

Senior executives from Norton Goldfields with Chief Executive Officer Mr Zhaopin Liu, Chief Financial Officer Mr Guy Kai and Chief Operating Officer Mr Maoheng Zhang accompanied the Consul General throughout his visit.

Ree Dai, Terra Mining’s Managing Director, added, “We continue to nurture and develop meaningful relationships with key parties and partners based upon mutual respect, benefit and opportunity. Engagement with such high-level representatives provides a fantastic chance for our team to showcase Terra’s approach in developing best-in-breed systems, as well as demonstrating our expanding capacity.”

Terra Mining looks forward to nurturing its burgeoning network as its growth continues.

Established in 2019, Terra Mining is A new force in contracting. With operational contracts across multiple continents and a continuously expanding presence in Australia, Terra has quickly built a reputation as well-resourced and outcome focussed.

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